Official Documentation of WhiteBIT API

WhiteBIT API supports private and public endpoints

By using any of the WhiteBIT API endpoints you are confirming your agreement to the Terms of Use (opens in a new tab)

Using Public endpoints:

  1. Public endpoints are cached. You can find specific cache refresh interval for each particular request in API documentation.
  2. Use HTTP method GET method when making a request.
  3. Use query string (opens in a new tab) if you need to send additional data.
  • Public endpoints:

Public API V4 Documentation - Modified general endpoints + new endpoints: Ticker, Assets, Order and Trades, Fee, Server Time, Server Status, Collateral Markets.

  • Deprecated endpoints:

Public API V1 Documentation - General endpoints: Market info, Market activity, Single market activity, Kline, Symbols, Order depth, Trade history.

Public API V2 Documentation - Modified general endpoints + new endpoints: Recent trades, Fee, Asset status list, Orderbook.

Using Private endpoints:

  1. Read full guide Private API Authentication Documentation
  2. You can add up to 5 trusted IPs
  3. Read API Quick start helper (opens in a new tab) to find the list of languages our API supports (and instructions for each language)
  4. Auth request should be using POST method and include Body data and Headers
  • Private endpoints:

Private API Documentation - Authentication - How to use requests that require authentication on WhiteBIT.

Private API V1 Documentation - Trade balance - Documentation for making private trading, order operations and order history requests.

  • Deprecated endpoints:

Private API V4 Documentation - Main balance - Main balance, deals methods & history, Codes, SMART, Fees.

Private API V4 Documentation - Trade balance - Additional endpoints (trade balance, orders, deals methods).

WhiteBIT API supports private and public websockets

Public WebSocket API - General methods, Kline, Last Price, Market Statistics for current day UTC, Market Trades, Market depth.

Private WebSocket API - Authentication + private methods (trade balance, orders, deals methods).

WhiteBIT API supports Webhooks

Private Webhooks Documentation - Main balance - Documentation for processing webhooks